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BISS will have a bespoke solution

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Following a 30 year career working in sales in the pet, veterinary, equine and agricultural sectors I have identified a gap in the market for experienced sales personnel who would be available on a short term contract basis to help businesses introduce new products into the marketplace.

Successful new product launches may involve promotion, customer training or demonstration days, all of which are time consuming and take regular sales staff away from other existing clients. BISS could supply personnel to cover these initial launches. We can also provide you with additional people to cover work at trade shows and events as these can put extra pressure on you and your business. If you are an established business and need a certain level of experience then I would undertake to do the work myself.

We can also provide temporary sales cover for sickness, maternity leave and to protect a sales area during a recruitment process.

If you do not have a developed sales team and need help setting a team up, I have the experience and expertise to undertake this as a project establishing journey plans, sorting division of areas, providing product training, target setting etc.

We fit your business

We will provide you with personnel to cover the required time period to suit your business: this could be anything from one day a week to longer term contracts. All these people will be self-employed and have vast industry knowledge. Your contract will be with BISS eliminating any employment issues for you. I have established a register of like-minded individuals who are no longer looking for full time employment but are prepared to take on short, temporary or part time contracts.

If you are a business that requires sales people on flexible terms, or you need extra people to get a new product to market, we have the solution to enable you to fill that gap and keep your business moving forward.

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